Why Apollo Astronauts Trained in Nuclear Bomb Craters

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Why Apollo Astronauts Trained in Nuclear Bomb Craters

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Apollo astronauts trained in nuclear bomb craters at the Nevada National Security Site. But why?Thanks Audible! Start listening with a 30-day trial and your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals free when you go to http://audible.com/veritasium or text veritasium to 500500

I found this story fascinating because in a way a nuclear bomb crater is more like a meteorite impact site than an impact site itself. Consider: Barringer Crater was claimed to be a meteorite impact site but geologists dismissed it as a volcanic formation. It was only after studying nuclear bomb craters and the minerals found there that geologists concluded the energy and pressures that created Barringer Crater were too high to be from volcanic activity and therefore must have formed from a meteorite impact.

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Nevada National Security Site

The National Atomic Testing Museum

Jonny Hyman and Verse: https://youtu.be/7bUUGzi-AAY

Active Galactic for footage of craters in Arizona: https://youtu.be/yhoooBpndog

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