California's Educator Community of Practice
Statewide Programs

A wide array of program resources, support systems, and statewide initiatives aimed at helping sustain a world-class education system for all students.

Learning Resources

Classroom-ready materials from high-quality providers free for educators to blend with their own instructional strategies and share with students and peers.


Group tools help local teams collaboratively develop and share learning materials, instructional strategies, and leadership approaches.

Leadership Support

Resources, programs, and strategies to guide leadership teams in promoting educator excellence, student success, and community support.

California Educators Together is a community of practice designed to provide educators, administrators, specialists, and state program leads a common space to communicate, share strategies, and access resources and guidance from one another and top providers.

California educators join to access thousands of free learning resources, while also engaging in statewide subject and grade level cohorts where peers are sharing their best instructional strategies and learning models from classrooms across the state.

California leadership teams join to help coordinate staff and programs, while gaining access to direct California Department of Education outreach on initiatives, resources, and supports aimed at helping districts, schools, and communities.

Because of the pandemic, we are learning a lot from this forced shift in our practices and approaches that can serve us well moving forward. Digital tools and collaboration need to remain fully integrated into our course structures; along with PBL and the use of digital tools and resources to connect with peers and students to engage and exchange ideas. Let's not retreat from these new skills we've come to develop, but build upon them together.

Priscilla - Culinary Teacher, Chico