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Apple Education Resources

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A collection of resources created by Apple that helps educators and parents create engaging learning experiences for students anytime, anywhere.

  • Apple has a wide range of programs and resources to help schools, teachers, and parents create engaging learning experiences at home.
  • The Apple Teacher Learning Center provides free online professional learning to help teachers use iPad and Mac to inspire creative teaching and learning, no matter where learning happens. It offers unlimited access to learning materials and content, as well as lesson ideas.
  • Apple Education Learning Series videos are designed to help educators use the built-in features of their Apple products. A collection of guides for both teachers and students help infuse creativity and engagement into any lesson and support workflows to stay on task, stay organized, and create productive learning environments. Creative Activities for Kids and Quick Start to Code guides keep young learners constructive and creative with iPad.
  • Apple Professional Learning Specialists hold free weekly virtual conferences and one-on-one coaching sessions to support personal learning. Sign up for free Apple Professional Learning Virtual Conferences.
  • Request a free one-on-one, 30-minute virtual coaching session to support personal learning by emailing
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