Module 2B: Research to Build Knowledge and Teach Others

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English-Language Arts
Grade 4
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Module 2B: Research to Build Knowledge and Teach Others

Animal Defense Mechanisms



Students explore animal defense mechanisms. They build proficiency in writing an informative piece, examining the defense mechanisms of one specific animal about which they build expertise. Students also build proficiency in writing a narrative piece about this animal.

Students build background knowledge on general animal defenses through close readings of several informational texts. Students will read closely to practice drawing inferences as they begin their research and use a science journal to make observations and synthesize information. They begin to research an expert animal in preparation to write about this animal using the science journal.

The Following Units Are Included within this Module:

  • Unit 1:  Building Background Knowledge:  Animal Defenses and the Research Process
  • Unit 2:  Using Writing to Inform
  • Unit 3:  Using Writing to Entertain

Lessons are organized under each unit.

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