Module 1: Numbers to 10

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Module 1: Numbers to 10

The meaning of numbers to 10; patterns of “1 more” and “1 less”; addition within 5.

37 Instructional Days (37 Hours)


Students solidify the meaning of numbers to 10 with a focus on embedded numbers and relationships to 5. Students then investigate patterns of “1 more” and “1 less” using models. Students also begin adding within 5.

The Following Topics Are Included within this Module:

  • Topic A:  Attributes of Two Related Objects
  • Topic B: Classify Items Into Three Categories And Determine The Count
  • Topic C: Numbers To 5 In Different Configurations, Math Drawings, And Expressions
  • Topic D: The Concept Of Zero And Working With Numbers 0-5
  • Topic E: Working With Numbers 6-8 In Different Configurations
  • Topic F: Working With Numbers 9-10 In Different Configurations
  • Topic G:  One more With Numbers 0-10
  • Topic H:  One Less With Numbers 0-10

Lessons are organized under each of the topic areas.

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