Listening and Learning Strand

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Listening and Learning Strand

Comprised of daily lessons, pausing points, a domain review, a domain assessment, and culminating activities.



The Listening and Learning Strand consists of a series of read‐alouds organized by topics (called domains), many of which are informational in nature. The goal of the Listening and Learning Strand is for students to acquire language competence through listening, specifically building a rich vocabulary, and broad knowledge in history and science by being exposed to carefully selected, sequenced, and coherent read‐alouds.

The Following Units Are Included within this Module:

  • Unit 1:  Nursery Rhymes and Fables
  • Unit 2:  The Five Senses
  • Unit 3:  Stories
  • Unit 4:  Plants
  • Unit 5:  Farms
  • Unit 6:  Native Americans
  • Unit 7:  Kings and Queens
  • Unit 8:  Seasons and Weather
  • Unit 9:  Columbus and the Pilgrims
  • Unit 10:  Colonial Towns and Townspeople
  • Unit 11:  Taking Care of The Earth
  • Unit 12:  Presidents and American Symbols

Lessons are organized under each unit.

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