Module 6: Decimal Fractions

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Grade 4

Module 6: Decimal Fractions

Students discover the relationship between decimals and fractions.

16 Instructional Days (16 Hours)


This 20-day module gives students their first opportunity to explore decimal numbers via their relationship to decimal fractions, expressing a given quantity in both fraction and decimal forms.  Utilizing the understanding of fractions developed throughout Module 5, students apply the same reasoning to decimal numbers, building a solid foundation for Grade 5 work with decimal operations. 

The Following Topics Are Included within this Module:

  • Topic A:  Exploration Of Tenths
  • Topic B:  Tenths And Hundredths
  • Topic C:  Decimal Comparison
  • Topic D:  Addition With Tenths And Hundredths
  • Topic E:  Money Amounts As Decimal Numbers

Lessons are organized under each of the topic areas.

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