Transformative Social and Emotional Learning Ambassador's Toolkit

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Transformative Social and Emotional Learning Ambassador's Toolkit

The communications toolkit provides tools and templates for dissemination of the California Department of Education Transformative SEL (T-SEL) suite of tools which includes kindergarten through adult T-SEL Competencies with developmental indicators, Conditions for Thriving, accompanying Readiness and Reflection prompts, and a curated collection of SEL implementation resources hosted on California Educators Together. The toolkit aims to ensure coherent messaging is being used to announce the suite of tools and to encourage engagement and use of the products among education system stakeholders. 

Toolkit Users: “Ambassadors” are CDE SEL 2.0 work group and advisory committee members, CDE staff charged with disseminating the T-SEL suite of tools, and any stakeholders who wish to disseminate the suite of products to their network/spheres of influence. We encourage users to follow the accompanying Ambassador’s Roadmap to the T-SEL Suite of Tools Launch to participate in a coordinated campaign to announce the products via existing communication avenues (personal and organizational social media, newsletters, email updates, etc). 

Audience: all education stakeholders, in particular county, district, and building leaders, classroom educators, and those in SEL-capacity building roles such as coaches, coordinators, and school counseling staff.

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