Module 2A: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others

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English-Language Arts
Grade 4

Module 2A: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others

Interdependent Roles in Colonial Times



Students learn about what life was like in Colonial America. They go on to study the many roles people played in a colonial settlement and how necessary their interdependence was for survival. Students select one role to explore more deeply through various forms of nonfiction texts. With an emphasis on making inferences, summarizing informational text, basic research (note-taking and pulling together information from a variety of texts), this module will foster students’ abilities to synthesize information from multiple sources and integrate research into their writing.

The Following Units Are Included within this Module:

  • Unit 1:  Building Background Knowledge:  Life in Colonial America
  • Unit 2:  Case Study:  Conducting Research on Colonial Trades
  • Unit 3:  Culminating Project:  Research-Based Narrative About an Event in Colonial America

Lessons are organized under each unit.

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