Module 4: Expressions and Equations

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Module 4: Expressions and Equations

Students begin formal study of algebraic expressions and equations.

34 Instructional Days (34 Hours)


Students learn to use letters to represent numbers, ultimately extending arithmetic properties from manipulating numbers to manipulating expressions and solving equations.

This Module Includes the Following Topics:

  • Topic A:  Relationships of the Operations
  • Topic B:  Special Notations of Operations
  • Topic C:  Replacing Letters and Numbers
  • Topic D:  Expanding, Factoring, and Distributing Expressions
  • Topic E:  Expressing Operations in Algebraic Form
  • Topic F:  Writing and Evaluating Expressions and Formulas
  • Topic G:  Solving Equations
  • Topic H:  Applications of Equations

Lessons are organized under each of the topic areas.

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